Opening hours

Monday – Thursday

12PM – 7PM




Occasional workshops



Studio Addresses

Studio Rive/Eaux-Vives : rue de Villereuse 7 – 1207 Eaux-Vives
Studio Aéroport/Vernier : av. Louis-Pictet 9 – 1214 Vernier
Studio Sévelin : avenue de Sévelin 52 – 1004 Lausanne

(+ 41) (0)79 931 34 92

Book An Assessment

No matter if you’re interested in online coaching or studio coaching, we start by assessing how your voice currently ‘behaves’, where your needs are and if there’s a ‘click’ between us. This assessment can also be done online. It’s a tailored session without any commitment that will costs you CHF 95,-. Of course you can also pay in Euros or Dollars. We’ll see afterwards if and how you’d like to continue.

After sending the message form below you’ll receive my Formulas & Tariffs as well as a link to my online planning where you can book a slot to your convenience.


    “Mo combines laid-backness and seriousness, she knows how to obtain immediate results. Within a minute she puts her finger on what’s vocally or artistically not working and will help you change it, which is impressive but most of all highly motivating.”

    Michaël (French Chanson)

    “I can highly recommend Mo Millar ! She brings many qualifications to the table: passion for singing and teaching voice, great intuition, professionalism, ability to encourage students and skilfully guide their progress, a welcoming and trustworthy personality, and the ability to listen and adapt to students needs.”

    Claudia (Singer-Songwriter/Vocal Coach)

    “As I had been singing since the age of 6 and also had professional training as a singer, I couldn’t believe my ears: I’d finally found someone who could help me to reach my goals in a concrete way whilst respecting my musical taste and wishes. Mo shows complete mastery voice-wise and teaching-wise. She taught me how to find great control over my own voice in an efficient and wonderful learning environment.”

    Tatiana (Rock)