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Career & Vision


Mo Millar is a senior educator specialised in all aspects of the voice, music, hearing, listening, speech, breathing, bodywork, cold exposure (winter swimming), tuition, writing and media-communications. As Joop Lagarde’s youngest daughter (former chief sound engineering at Dutch National Radio & TV Corporation NOS) Millar grew up in a cacophony of sound. She’s been active in music ever since, and enjoys an unwavering reputation among Swiss and French music & theatre professionals.

Millar is a pioneer of Complete Vocal Technique (CVT), Timani and Holistic Breathing. She discovered and explored these methods in northern Europe to introduce them in Switzerland and France (CVT in 2006, Timani in 2019, Holistic Breathing in 2021). A passionate vocalist, artist, teacher, coach and human being, Millar describes her work as holistic. She worked with many voice, music and theatre professionals as well as with corporate and media executives, conservatories, theatre & musical productions, recording studios, producers, singing competitions, TV programmes, broadcast & business corporations, international organisations etc.

Recently Mo Millar finalised training in Holistic Breathing Fundamentals with Heleen Ytsma at Herleva (CRKBO registered institution) and explored the Wim Hof Method (WHM = cold exposure and breathing technique) with Certified Instructor Allan Cant. She’s also a Timani Teacher (international certification level 1, Oslo 2019), Certified Tomatis® Practitioner (level 1, London 2013) and Authorized Teacher of Complete Vocal Technique (Utrecht/Copenhagen 2007-2011). Furthermore, Mo carries a University degree (BA) in Journalism & Communications (Tilburg 1990-1996) and a Certificate in Sports & Health (KNGB Beekbergen 1983). She is a passionate cold water swimmer.


Before, every singing teacher told me to support more if something was difficult to sing. I didn’t know I was actually “sabotaging” my singing by over-supporting. Staying flexible whilst working those “tummy muscles” gave me a sensation of singing much more freely and lightly. That was Amazing !

With that feeling I also managed to increase stamina, reduce volume and improve posture, body- and facial work to achieve better singing results. I really appreciate how Mo hears the slightest detail/change in my voice and always has an answer to any vocal problem. With her I know my voice is in good hands !

Tanja (Dark Pop)

“My goal was to improve my flute technique, but I learned so much more than that. I improved my posture and experience more freedom and amplitude in my playing now, I have much better breathing technique (especially helps me when I’m tired, stressed or lack energy), and I learned how to better prepare myself before playing or speaking in front of an audience.

Even my speech is different now, my stress levels have dropped significantly and I feel much more ‘present’. A highly rewarding experience !”

Luz (flute, breathing, speaker)

“I kind of knew what to expect when I went to see Mo Millar, ‘cause I know at least 5 singers she’s worked with. She has one hell of a reputation in the business. What I immediately liked about her is that she asked me what I (myself) was looking for, so my first session with her was completely tailor-made, hands-on and super efficient. In one session she taught me how to get rid of the constrictions I had when singing high pitch in loud volume. Oh happiness ! She isn’t exactly cheap (although, there are others more expensive around the region), but given the quality of her work it’s more than worth the price !

Arthur (Acoustic Folk)